Shazam Pour Pc – Windows et Mac télécharger maintenant

Shazam is one of the coolest and coolest apps on the market. It offers a very unique service that allows you to easily identify different media. Almost everyone has been to this place where he cannot recognize this song or this actor. Shazam solves this problem with its huge database and its fast recognition algorithm. This is great news for anyone with an Apple or Android smartphone . But if you want this handy tool to work on your Windows desktop or laptop, read on to know how to install Shazam for PC .

Like the versions for smartphones and tablets, it is an application that you can download and use completely free of charge and which connects you to an online database to provide you with the smallest detail on the song you are listening to (name, author, album ..,) and the possibility of legally downloading the track in MP3 format (totally legal download of course). And it works exactly like the mobile version, because this download gives us precisely the APK file and an Android emulator like BlueStacks.

Shazam for Windows, Android, Mac and Ios

Shazam for Android is an application to identify music. Just press the button to detect the audio and see the name of the song and who is singing it.

How many times have you listened to a song and couldn’t identify the singer? Then, we had to wait for the chance to ally with you to finally be able to locate it. Well, now thanks to Shazam, you will be able to solve these situations thanks to its music recognition features.

By simply placing your phone near the sound source, Shazam will identify it and offer attractive options among which you will be able to buy the song, watch its video, see the lyrics or play it on Spotify.

Main features of Shazam for PC –

  • Recognize and identify any song: radio songs, commercials, soundtracks …
  • Access the video for the song hosted on YouTube.
  • Get your hands on the lyrics to sing.
  • Share your activity and your discoveries on Facebook and Twitter or by SMS or email.
  • Read opinions on artists’ albums and biographies.
  • Use the app when browsing or simultaneously with other apps.
  • List of the most identified songs.
  • User profile with activity history.

Features of Shazam for Android – 

  • Discover the lyrics of the songs and watch their clips.
  • Preview songs and add them to your Spotify playlists.
  • Follow the best graphics in real time.
  • Discover new music through the recommendation lists.
  • Find out which songs, albums and videos are the latest hits from the bands you follow.
  • Like a song? Then download it in MP3 format after purchasing it from Google Play Music.
  • Sync the app with Facebook to find out what your friends are listening to.
  • Follow new artists.
  • Share your discoveries on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or via instant messaging and chat applications such as WhatsApp or LINE.
  • Sync the app with Android Wear.
  • Identify songs using the app logo or with QR codes.

What exactly does the Shazam app do?

More concretely, Shazam is a media identification program. Using a microphone or camera, it digitizes visual or audio data and identifies the source of the audio or image clip. It’s basically like a detective app for multimedia sources.

How to acquire Shazam for PC

Assuming you have an Internet connection and a desktop or laptop computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10, you already have most of the things you need to get Shazam for PC. The last essential ingredient you will need is an Android emulator. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of an Android emulator because it’s easy to acquire and install.

Android emulators are programs that allow your computer to function like an Android device. It is its own program that can be launched independently and is not a redesign of your operating system. You will not have to replace your Windows operating system with an Android operating system for Shazam for PC to function properly. These emulators are generally free and easy to install.

There are many Android emulators available on the Internet as we speak. Without doubt the best available is Bluestacks and it is certainly the one we recommend the highest. It has excellent firmware support and a very intuitive and attractive user interface. You can find the Bluestacks emulator and download it for free from their official website here.

How to download Shazam?

Step 1: Let’s start the download with bluestacks.

Download Bluestacks  

Step 2: Once the Bluestacks download is complete, double-click the .exe file to start the installation process. This process is painless and will only take a minute or two.

Step 3: Once this is done, you can open the Bluestacks itself. At the top of the screen, you will see a search bar. It’s actually your new Google Play Store app, already integrated with Bluestacks. This will be your last step to acquire Shazam for PC. Just type shazam in the bar and you will see Shazam appear on the results page. To download it, simply click on Install.

Step 4: Wait a few moments for the download to finish and now you are finally ready. As long as your Android emulator is open, you can use Shazam for PC whenever you want. Whether you’re watching Youtube or Netflix on your computer, Shazam for PC can still be open in the background. You will always be ready to identify a song and you will never again have great rhythms to surpass yourself.

How to use the Shazam app –

Use Shazam to identify songs and find new music

1. Open the Shazam app  on your device.

2. Tap or click the  Shazam button  to identify what’s going on around you. When  Shazam identifies  the song, it is saved to your  Shazam library .

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum operating system requirements:  OS X 10.11.
  • Requires a 64-bit operating system  .

How does Shazam work on iOS?

The procedure is very simple and is based on two cases for which you must follow these steps:

Music played aloud:  point your iPhone at the sound source and press the button to identify the songs. It will recognize it in seconds if there is no interference.

Lecture de musique sur votre appareil: ouvrez l’application et appuyez sur le bouton pour reconnaître l’audio.
Téléchargez l’application dès maintenant gratuitement (ou procurez-vous la version Encore pour supprimer toutes les publicités) et vous n’aurez plus à attendre que quelqu’un vous dise le nom de la chanson en cours de lecture.

Conditions requises et informations supplémentaires:
Configuration minimale du système d’exploitation: iOS 11.0.
Compatible avec:
Ipod touch
Offre des achats intégrés.

Le large éventail de possibilités de Shazam –   

Les fonctionnalités incluses dans Shazam en font un programme incontournable pour tous les mélomanes:

  • Identifiez la chanson qui joue et que vous aimez vraiment.
  • Find the lyrics of your favorite songs.
  • Watch clips from your favorite artists.
  • Access a large catalog of music and buy songs from iTunes.
  • Share with your friends.
  • Overall, discover new music and broaden your horizons with the Mac version of the best music identification service.

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